Creating a drastic change in Acne skins is possible! Incorporating a 90 day treatment plan that includes facials, peels, and evolving home care is the ultimate treatment plan and helps to target the following: 

  • Reduce bacteria and Inflammation
  • Increase Cellular Exfoliation
  • Support Healthy Wound Healing

Home care is a must have in any acne treatment plan and must be customized. Introduce ingredients that work together to reduce bacteria & inflammation, exfoliate, and support healing within the skin. Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, the heart of green tea, and epidermal growth factors will optimize the results on the skin.

Corrective facials are another great way to achieve results for an acneic skin. Professional enzymes offer much needed exfoliation, while antibacterial formulations and healing serums support and improve the skin.

Peels also pack a powerful punch against cellular build-up, bacteria, and inflammation. Salicylic acids, TCA’s, and Vitamin A create beautiful peel results for this skin condition and also offer peel depth variation, depending on the client’s needs. Don’t forget the essential post products! Proper healing from a peel treatment is another must have. To learn more about post care, check out our “Skin Rehab” concept.