Steps For Clear Skin

Having a synchronized regimen is vital for healthy skin. Consistency is key and it doesn’t have to be complicated - three easy steps AM & PM:



Apply Building & Strengthening Serum

Apply Hydrators/SPF



Apply Corrective Serum

Apply Hydrator

Follow these steps morning and night for clear healthy skin!

Cleansing – AM/PM

This is the first step of your regimen and so vital!  Don’t skip! 

Apply 1 pump of cleanser onto clean hands and gently massaging into the skin.  Add water to create lather and work into skin for 1-2 minutes.  Remove with gentle (soft) white cloth for several rinses if needed.  Pat or air-dry skin before applying next step.

This is the most important step of any acne regimen!  Rotating or having two cleansers can help keep skin responding.  It is very important to use a soft cloth or 4x4 gauze to remove, this will ensure a deeper cleanse and reduce bacteria.     

Tonic – AM/PM

This is the next step of your regimen after cleansing. 

Apply 1-2 pumps of tonic onto a clean cotton round or 2x2 gauze pad.  Apply to clean, dry skin.  Let product absorb.

Tonics are a vital component in most acne regimens.   These may be used full face or as a spot treatment over acne blemishes.  Depending on the tonic, application may range from one to three times per week, to a daily application.

Building & Strengthening – AM

Apply 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and gently massage into clean, dry skin.  Let serum absorb.  May layer moisturizer overtop.    

The products in this category are typically applied in the AM as many formulations contain important antioxidants as well as necessary wound healing and scar reducing properties. 

Correctives - PM 

Apply 1 pump onto clean, dry skin.  Let product absorb.  May layer moisturizer overtop.

Correctives are great for boosting cellular exfoliation and reducing bacteria.  Follow directed use on each product to increase optimal results.

Hydrators & Moisturizers – AM/PM

This is the last step of your regimen. 

Apply 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and gently massaging into clean, dry skin or over your favorite RA Building & Strengthening or Corrective serum. 

Hydration is very important for acne skin as it brings balance.  Our formulas supply healing properties, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial support.  These may be applied AM and/or PM.

Scrubs (Optional)

Apply a small amount into damp hands; apply to face and neck.  Gently massage into skin or allow to sit on skin for several minutes (like a mask).  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Pat skin dry.

Scrubs can offer a deeper pore cleans and increase cellular exfoliation, reduce bacteria, soften texture and give healthier complexion.  Scrubs are typically used once per week on their own and can be mixed into daily cleanser a couple times a week.   

Enzymes (Optional)

Applying a thin layer onto clean, dry skin – avoiding the eye area.  Leave on up to 10 minutes.  Rinse well with cool water and soft cloth.  Pat skin dry and follow up with your favorite RA mask, serums and moisturizer. 

Enzymes are optional when not seeing an aesthetician regularly, otherwise they can be an essential step to clear skin.   They boost exfoliation, reduce bacteria and impurities.  We recommend using once per week.

Masks (Optional)

Apply a thin layer onto clean, dry skin – avoiding the eye area.  Leave on 10-15 minutes.  Rinse well with cool water and soft cloth.  Pat skin dry and follow up with your favorite RA serums and moisturizer.     

Masks can reduce breakouts and assist in healing blemishes.    Masks are typically used once per week. 

Should you experience any dryness or sensitivity with any RA formulation, contact your licensed RA professional for guidance on usage and tips to introduce products to your home care regimen.